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The MONARCH nozzle is an important component of clean and flawless combustion. MONARCH nozzles are recognized for their precision, efficiency and long life durability.

PT. Trimitra Wisesa Abadi sells Oil Nozzle from Monarch. Our product line such as:

Solid Cone “R” Series: .40 to 3.50 USGPH

This is the series supplied regularly unless customer specifi es otherwise. Itis a good all-round nozzle suitable for most burners. Atomization of the oil is not quite as fine as with the “NS” series.

Semi-SolidCone “PLP” Series: 2.25 to 100.00 USGPH

The standard nozzle for larger capacities. Fine atomization and”solid” spray pattern up to about 3.50 USGPH, gradually becoming more and more ”hollow” in the larger sizes.

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