Esa Pyronics Burner

Since the early 70s ESA, within the SIAD Group, has been at the forefront in the supply of complete solutions for industrial combustion in multiple sectors. They build a complete range of burners in great part certified.

More than 40 families of customizable industrial burners from Esa Pyronics up to 20MW for any Industrial applications and fuels. These are sampel of Burner from Esa Pyronics categorized by type

  • High speed /turbulence: in metal, SIC, refractory, for cold air, recuperated or self-recuperated,,also sidewall
  • Long flame: regenerative; recuperative; for NG, oils, LCV gases rich in hydrogen. COG, BFG, Biogas,
  • Multi fuel: gas and various oils, biodiesel, biomass liquid fuels.
  • Oxy Fuel : high turbulence, air/oxy fuel, flame turning
  • Premixed: ribbon; linear flame ; “tunnel burners; pilot burners, torches.
  • For radiant tubes : with pre-heated air; self recuperative
  • Infrared burners: various models customizable
  • Radiant flame: flat/sidewall flame, radiating flame; radiative cone.
  • Packaged ; with integrated blower, with fixed or modulating air.

PT. Trimitra Wisesa Abadi selling burners from Esa Pyronics. Please call us for consultation which type of burner suitable for your requirement

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