Industrial Automation Solutions

With knowledge and experience in industrial automation solutions, Automata focused their expertise on Programmable Automation Controller and fieldbus applications.

The R & D teams continue researching and developing key technologies, producing innovative products in industrial automation; for example many OEM’s use their automation products for processing machines used in the food, textile, chemical, packaging and plastic industry. The automation solutions are also used in the electronic components industry, as well as for renewable and sustainable energy, thermal power plants and water treatment facilities.

In recent years, Automata have integrated their industrial automation products, developed industrial control networks, and offered integration services to many different market sectors. They are recognized worldwide manufacturer, and also one of the leading brands in the industrial automation control for IMM.

At present, Automata has built professional R&D centers and service facilities in Brazilian and Chinese area, along with sales offices and service centers deployed around the world. While striving for “quality, reability and excellence”, Automata will continue to progress in the field of industrial automation technology and enhance the quality and environment of our life with our endless pursuit of innovation.

Product & Services

HMI & Industrial Pcs

Automata offers a wide range of visualization and HMI solutions, from compact operator panels to Industrial Pcs.

Control Systems

From compact low-cost PLCs mounted on a DIN rail to high performance PC based motion controllers combined with a wide range of I/O modules

I/Os & Drives

Flexible, comprehensive, extendable distributed I/O & Drives

Network & Fieldbusses

Automata is leading in sercos components and implementation services, both for sercos I/II and the realtime ethernet standard sercos III. CAN/CANopen is the standard fieldbus for all our controllers.


Automata research, develop and distribute innovation technology


COMPAS the Automata’s Programmable Automation Suite


We design and produce hardware and software for the industrial process control


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