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Boiler Installation

TWA provides reliable, fast, efficient, low-cost boiler installations and repairs. Our experienced engineers install all types of combination boilers. We also offer a free consultation for your new boiler. We understand that efficiency is very important to you and we will be happy to discuss the various types of boilers to determine which is best for your business.


Decreased production due to a problem with your boiler and burner system? Please consult with our experts. We are looking forward to helping you find a solution.

Repair & Upgrade

Your boiler needs maintenance? We understand that continuous operation of your boiler is really crucial for your production. We provide reliable, fast, efficient, low-cost boiler repair and service. Our experienced engineers are ready to help you.

Water Treatment

TWA Water Treatment Division is a major provider of water treatment products to domestic companies. Our capabilities such as Waste Water Treatment, Pretreatment & Filtration, Reverse Osmosis, Demineralization, Boiler Water Treatment.

We deliver complete water solution for every needs.

Spare Parts Supply

We have a wide variety of boiler and burner spare parts. If you have special needs, we are also ready to help you. Contact us now!

Service Assessment

Whether you prefer a monthly contractual assessment or a one-time service assessment, call us and we will be happy to serve you.


PT. Trimitra Wisesa Abadi

PT. Trimitra Wisesa Abadi was founded in 2000. The founders saw the opportunity to develop a company that focuses on steam boiler spare parts.

PT. Trimitra Wisesa Abadi has since established divisions that are supported by experts:


Project Division


Spare Parts Division


Valve & Instrumentation Division


Water & Chemical Division


Service Division


We sell these quality products from the following brands and more

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