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KLINGER Fluid Control GmbH is the manufacturing plant for valves with many years of experience in the internationally active Group of independent Klinger Companies. Through the implementation of the newest production technologies and methods, we guarantee the highest standard for valves ? manufactured in our Gumpoldskirchen factory.

Production spectrum

From the small piston valve of nominal diameter DN 15 to the large ball valve with 800 mm flow opening, from the three-part ball valve in various material qualities up to industrial glass manufacture, the majority of the individual components is produced locally in our Gumpoldskirchen factory.

The large number of highly qualified skilled workers (approx. 120 persons) and the high quality standard of the production department safeguard our unique position in the world of industrial valves. Our trained installation personnel ? supported by modern installation and test equipment ? guarantees the highest quality of the valves supplied, even under extreme conditions and in difficult applications.

Through a constant process of improvement and in close co-operation with our development department, we are constantly striving ? both now and in the future? to fulfill the changing requirements of the customer and the market The constant optimization of the production of existing products as well as the implementation of new product standards is our top priority.

KLINGER - Ball Valves

Reliably tight

All KLINGER valves have proved to be successful in thousands of applications all over the world and are constantly subject to further development. The Exchange of experience between customer and the KLINGER development department leads to highly safe and largely maintenance free products.

Our testing department and well structured quality assurance department are worldwide among the best in the area of industrial valves.

The KLINGER- Ball Valves product range contains:


Piston valve

  • Intensive to impurties as well as to media , which tend to crystallization and polymerization Intensive to sedimentation
  • Intensive to vibrations
  • Intensive to torsionals forces, a non-rotation lock is not required
  • Excellent tightness, even at a high number of cycles
  • Self cleaning
  • All internal parts can be replaced individually , therefore smaller repairing costs
Bellow seal valve
  • Seat can be harmed by impurties. Sensitive to media, which tend to crystallitation and polymerization
  • Sensitive to sedimentations on the bellow
  • Negative influence of vibrations on the bellow decreasing durability
  • Torsion and torques have decreased the life-time of the bellow, hence follows , a non-rotation lock is absolutely necessary
  • High number of cycles leads to damage of the bellow and to leakage
  • Secondary sealing is required for emergency in case of damaged bellow. Otherwise fluid will unhindered exit the valve.
  • Operating of valve, does not clean the sealing surface. Damaged sealing areas has to be grinded
  • Internal valve parts are non-detachably connect to each other , so if the bellow is damaged, all internal parts have to be exchanged at the same time

The heart of our valve : THE KX-GT MODULE

What the original KVN piston valve has to offer

  • Multi-purpose application
  • High operational reliability
  • Best solution for alternating steam condensate operation (flash application)
  • Preferably suited for temperature shock operation
  • No sliping or sliding of graphite laminate due to the use of tang metal sheets
Benefits and features :
  • Reliably leak tight in the line seal and to the atmnosphere
  • Energy saving no loss of steam
  • Larger effective sealing surface in comparison to a globe and bellow sealed valves
  • High durability due to robust construction design
  • Asbestos free
  • Meets the requirements of EPA , VDI 2440 and EN 15848 ( fugitive emissions)
  • Environmentally safe
  • No erosion on the sealing surfaces
  • Easy and economical to service
  • Valve can be retightened in line
  • Valve rings can be changed in line
  • Basically free of maintenance
  • Requirements of API fire safe test are fulfilled
  • Type approved acc.to VdTUV 1065
  • Released for oxygen by BAM
  • Valve can be automated by automated by pneumatic and electro-mechanical operated actuators

Product Range

Nominal Size :
DN 10-200
Pressure Range: PN 6 , PN 16 , PN 40 and PN 63
Class 150 , Class 300 and CWP
End Connection: Range acc.to EN 1092-1/2
Female screwed ends acc.to ISO
228-1 and
NPT-threat acc.to ANSI B2.1
Socket welding ends acc to EN
12760 and
butt welding ends acc.to EN
Materials: Cast iron, spheroidal iron ,
carbon steel and stainless steel
Accecories: Actuators (electro-mechanical ,
pneumatic) , heating jacket

DIN and ANSI version available

Operating Principle

The sealing system is formed by two elastic valve rings enveloping a piston made of stainless steel.

The upper valve ring seals to the atmosphere and the lower one across the bore. Due to the large , cylindrical sealing surface between the valve rings and the piston the reliability of the sealing function is amazing.

A damaged of the inner valve ring surface is unlikely even if the operating fluid contains impurities.

As soon as the valve is being closed the piston removes any impurities occurring.

Special Types:

  • Piston valves for Fire-Safe applications
  • Piston valves for clean air regulation and EPA-application
  • Regulating piston valves with regulation piston or lantern bush
  • Piston valves for tank vehicles which transport hazardous goods
  • Piston valves for heat transfer fluids
  • Piston valves for liquid gas
Application Areas:

Klinger KVN Piston Valves

  • Power generation
  • Energy supply
  • Steam applications
  • Chemistry
  • Pharmacy
  • Pulp and paper
  • Refinery
  • Petrochemical
  • Iron and steel cokers
  • Textiles
  • Tobacco
  • Food and beverage
  • Others
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