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Disc Check Valve


GESTRA is a global leader in the design and production of valves and control systems for heat and process fluid control from Germany, Bremen. Below is GESTRA disc-check valve product range. We stock GESTRA Disc valve for your special application

DISCOCHECK® Dual-Plate Check Valves BB


  • For liquids, gases, vapours. In heating, air-conditioning, water-supply and cooling installations, steam and condensate systems, oil pipelines and natural gas lines.
  • For use with sea water, in sewage works, downstream of fans and compressors.
  • For drinking water: with lining, and for sea water with rubber lining.
  • With adjustable dampers for installations with waterhammer problems.
  • Metal-to-metal or soft seat (EPDM, FPM).



DISCO® Swing Check Valves CB
DN 50 – 300 mm, PN 6 – 40



Type PN Application
CB 14 16 water and compressed air
CB 24 S 16

sea water, drinking water, swimming-pool water

CB 26 40 low temperatures
CB 26 A 40

aggressive fluids, drinking water, or swimming-pool water



DISCO®-Non-Return Valves for Special Applications

Type PN  
RK 16 A 40/class 300 For liquids, vapours, Application as check valve, breather
RK 16 C 40/class 300

Foot valve, pressure-relief valve or pressure-maintaining valve

RK 26 A 40/class 300 RK 26 A dan RK 16 C for aggressive fluids and low temperatures
RK 29 A

63 – 400

CI 400-2500

For large pressure ratings and special tasks.

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