ARCA designs, manufactures and supplies control valves to the chemical industry, food & beverage industry, for power plants as well as the petrochemical industry. ARCA’s leadership in the technology market is based on 90 years of experience and continuous further development documented in numerous patents. The production, which is of the highest technical quality and certified according to the relevant quality standards, guarantees a high degree of reliability.

TWA offers best line of products from ARCA to meet your needs as below


ARCA ECOTROL® offers a wide range of innovative solutions designed to fulfil all your control tasks requirements. Whether housing, inner valve, valve seats, stem seals, actuators, or positioners, every detail benefits from the know-how of expert engineers with many years' experience in a wide range of applications.



BIOVENT® control valves are usually combined with pneumatic multi-spring ARCAPAQ actuator type 813. Not only is it cost effective, robust, and explosion proof, but also provides short stroking times and a constant seating force. The actuator is available in different sizes optimised in line with the required actuating force.

ARCAPRO® diginal positioner type 827A

A linear function between the input signal and stroke is the best way to ensure maximum control precision. Control valves with pneumatic actuators, however, are subject to friction, media pressure, and high flow forces, which means that this linearity is not intrinsic in the system. Only a positioner can eliminate positioning errors by comparing the input signal with the actual stroke and by yielding the actuating pressure for the actuator.

ARCAPRO® diginal positioner type 827A is an intelligent, second-generation positioner. It not only offers a wider range of functions and higher level of reliability, but also features an advanced online diagnostics system and optional maintenance display. The position of the stem is sent to a potentiometer whose output
signal is then compared with the set-point by the microprocessor. Using a special control algorithm, the controller activates the two piezo valves,
which connect the actuator with the inlet air or atmosphere.

The ARCAPRO® positioner can be operated locally or from the control
room. Optimized operating modes The ARCAPRO® positioner supports the following operating modes:

  • Automatic or manual mode
  • Initialization
  • Parameterization
  • Diagnostics

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