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Hope Deepblue Absorption Chiller

Current Product Or Services

Heat Exchanger Business

  1. supply of replacement finned tbe coils.
  2. Suply of customised finned tube coils.

HVAC Business
1. Supply of standard and customised Light Commercial Air Conditioning equipment,
    Ceiling Concealed Unit - Direct expansion and chilled water series,
    Fan Coil Unit - Ducted direct expansion and chilled water series
2. Supply of standard and customised Packaged Air Conditioning Equipment,
    Package units air cooled and water cooled series
3. Supply of standard and customised central air conditioning equipment,
    Modular Air Handling Units Direct Expansion and chiller water series
    Supply of standar and customised Condensing Units
4. Supply of standar and customised Chiller, Mini Chiller series and medium chiller series

Future Product or services

Heat Exchanger Business

  1. Finned tube coil configuration for refrigation requirement
  2. Shell and tube heat exchangers

HVAC Business

  1. Wide range of standard and customised air conditioning equipment
  2. Standard and customised condensing units for refrigation
  3. Standard and customised refrigation evaporator equipment

Hope Deepblue Absorption Chiller





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