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Fuel oil meters CONTOIL® VZO 4 / 8 and VZO 4 / 8 OEM

for domestic heater and industrial burner

The compact cube-form design of the oil meter VZO 4 and 8 mm is a space-saving unit for measuring light and extra light heating oil.

  • Standard version with optional need pulser or OEM version for burner manufacturers.
  • Simply mount and read as required. Maintenance-free

VZO 4 and 8 


•    Oil meter with internal threaded connections located on the bottom plate
•    With mechanical roller counter, volume display in litres
•    Meters in US-Gallons
•    For mounting in horizontal, vertical and inclined positions
•    VZOA 4 and 8 with EEC legal verification

Option: Reed pulser 48 V




VZO 4 and 8 OEM   

•    Fuel oil meters for OEMs (original equipment manufactures), to be mounted under the burner cover
•    Meters with lateral internal threaded connections
•    With 230 V Reed pulser to display measurement values on remote totaliser or on burner control unit

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