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Power supply range : 12 V = -10% .. 24V + 10%
Current absorption : 100 mA
Gas detected : SGY GP0 V4 NC SE : L.P.G. (test with iso-C4H10)
SGY ME0 V4 NC SE : Methane (CH4)
Sensor type : Catalytic
Output : 4 .. 20 mA
Measurement unit : 0 .. 50% L.E.L
Load resistance at 10,8 V = : Max. 350 Ohm
Precision : ± 10%
Response Time T90 : < 60 seconds
Long term drift in clean air : < ± 4% L.E.L./year
Protection degree : IP 54
Temperature operating : 0° C .. + 40 °C
Humidity range : 10 °C .. + 50° C
20% .. 80% RH
(non condensing)
Dimensions : 155 x 107 x 62 mm
Weight : ~480 gr.

This sensor is a 3-wires transmitter for combustible gases concentration with current output in the 4 .. 20 mA range. The device is made of a plastic case carrying in the electronic board and the gas sensor, properly protected with a sinthered filter, located in the lower site of the case itself (according to installation directions).


This device measures the combustible gas concentration for which it has been calibrated and converts it into a current value ranging from 4.0 to 20.0 mA, thus in compliance with a widely diffused industrial standard.

The sensing element takes advantage of the catalytic principle; in the concentration range below the L.E.L (Lower Explosion Limit) this type of sensor offers quite a good linearity and repeatibility, in addition

to limited sensitivity to other enviromental parameters such as temperature and humidity.

As the sensor can detect several types of HydroCarbons (HC) at the same time, it is mandatory for the user to take into account the summing effect deriving from this and to evaluate the cross sensitivity of the sensor to various gases.

Once power supply is applied a 30 seconds pre-heat phase is initiated, but the best stability is obtained after 48 hours operation.


Industrial Gas Central Unit Programmable  4 zones with RS 232 Data Out RGYS00MB4

230V ~ power supply
Controls up to 4 zones
Manages CO, L.P.G and Methan (CH4) transmitters
Wide parameters configuration freedom
Last alarm conditions data retention
LCD backlight 2 x 16 characters display
9 modules DIN rail mount
RS232 serial output

Industrial control unit for gas detection with 4 zones fit in a 9 module DIN case capable of monitoring gas concentration up to maximum 4 zones. Possibility of connecting a 4 .. 20  mA transmitter in each zone for  the detection of GPL, methane or carbon monoxide (CO). Available wit h RS 232 dataout that allows to transmit constantly all datas from central unit.


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