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TF 802.1

Oil Burner Safety Control

For 1 or 2 stage oil power burners up to 30kg/h capacity and intermittent operations.
Flame detection:
Photoresistor FZ 771 S
Infrared-flicker detector IRD 1010
UV solid state sensor UVD 970


The TF 801 or TF 802 oil burner safety control boxes are suitable to control and monitor oil power burner up to 30 kg/h capacity (approved and certified according to DIN 4787). The control boxes TF 801.2 and TF 802.2 are approved and certified according to EN 230.

TFI 812.2

Gas Burner Control Box
For 2-stage atmospheric gas burners.

Possible flame detectors:
-ionisation probe
-infrared flicker detector


TMG 740-3

For high performance forced draught and dual fuel burners in intermittent operation (single or two stage versions).
Suitable flame detectors:
-Ionisation probe
-UV Sensor
-Infrared flicker detector

MMI 813.1

Gas burner automatic safety control
For 2 stage forced draught gas burners Designated for an air damper control
Possible flame detectors:
Ionization probe
Infrared flicker detector

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